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eye tracking

extreme insights! eye tracking lets you see where users looked, for how long and in what order.

what's in it for me?
  • insights into whether promotions work
  • see your product from the user's view
  • see what users are really looking at
  • check what users read and scan
  • identify gaze paths
  • intelligence to improve your designs

what is eye tracking?

eye tracking
using innovative technology we can track:
  • where the users eyes are looking onscreen
  • how long they focus on each element for
  • the scan paths their eyes take
this tells us:
  • which areas are looked at most frequently
  • which areas aren't looked at
  • if things onscreen are where your users expect
  • elements creating barriers to ease-of-use
  • whether users are reading or scanning
extreme insights! eye tracking lets you see where users looked, for how long and in what order.
eye tracking uses a camera that focusses on the user’s pupils, tracking their eye movements and mapping them onto the interfaces using special software.
various analyses are performed on the data to identify strengths, barriers and weaknesses that can be utilised to create more effective designs.
Google website before and after eye tracking
Google website before eye tracking
after: darker shade indicates the most looked at areas
Google website after eye tracking

can i observe the eye tracking testing live?

yes! because we conduct our usability testing using a local usability lab, you are more than welcome to come and observe the testing as it happens. you can also view the testing live remotely via our streaming video technology.

what will i receive at the end?

an easy to read, concise report of the research findings, plus expert practical recommendations to improve your product that you can implement immediately.
highlight video
we record users whilst they use your website (what they did onscreen, what they said and their facial expressions). we also record gaze patterns and heatmaps from the eye tracking data. we then create a highlight video to show an overview of the testing results.
we’ll talk you through all our findings and recommendations.

optional extras

  • consultancy - support afterwards to work with your team on design improvements.
  • user interface design - design changes or a redesign based on your usability findings.